About us

Ooyuz ...Sounds like "The Rising Sun" ,isn't it!

We are Hyderabad,India based developers with experience on diverse technologies & one focus, to deliver tech that people should find useful.

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What do we develop ?

Web Crawler

Crawl and extract all articles of a domain using DevExtrac. Good for analytics and web text mining. GPL-V3.

Article Extractor (DevExtrac)

High Performance intelligent text extraction from web pages. Based on our observation of patterns across thousands of web pages. Good for any purpose that requires clutter-less text. GPL-V3.

News Categorization Corpus

Hand-picked keywords for 6 news categories. No training required, select right category fast using our proprietory news-categorizer.

Clustering tool

We have developed next generation of clustering using index-based approach. Lightening fast and percent-wise clustering.


Hire us for creating solutions for your idea. Idea must be appealing to us.

Tools We work on

Python,Django, PHP, CodeIgniter, Java, Play Framework, WP, Drupal.


Working in different domains on web with focus on technology is fun .

News Analysis

Big Data Analysis

Efficient Web Crawling

Ad Display

Mobile Apps

Web Development

RSS Feed Alternative

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Web Text Mining

Social Media Analytics