Is conventional news analysis still relevant to marketing strategies these days?


Every brand marketing campaign is based on previous research and information gathering about its target population.

Additionally, the state of the industry, recent events, as well as the economic environment, must be taken into account.

All these and more data come together in the media, through which users find out about important offers via press articles, posts, and posts.

Brands carry out news analysis to focus on the necessary and specific resources in the areas that will best benefit their purposes.

The importance of listening to what people say

Outside the promotion strategies, any type of valuation concerning a company, product, service or peril has two aspects: the positive and negative.

According to Forbes, on the one hand, at least 70% consider positive opinions as a major impact on their trust towards an offer.

The report also shows that businesses can lose more than 20% of their income due to a bad review in the media. Listen to your clients is a must nowadays, and that explains the growth of “virtual receptionists” platforms.

That’s why -although each company or enterprise has its own goals- in the current analysis methodology, there are 3 approaches to increase the business’ income:

  1. Promotion: Obtaining greater market intelligence and positioning ahead of the competition comes hand in hand to taking advantage and ingratiate with the stands of media, influencers, and leaders; in addition to the niche (users).
  2. ROI: Applying a social intelligence plan that allows setting targets accessible to the brand, ends up directly minimizing the margin of error in the campaigns as well as the offer, generating higher revenues from loyal as well as new customers.
  3. Platforms: 2019 requires a multichannel approach covering all spaces: print publications, digital media, social networks, TV and radio.

How to implement a news analysis exercise?

In order to establish an effective communication strategy from this monitoring application, it is no longer necessary to get overwhelmed with an endless amount of metrics or numbers and leaving aside other practical aspects of the project.

Today, news analysis is a sophisticated and accurate process where it is possible to automate the different sequences to analyze. For achieving a larger level of accuracy, first, there has to be several KPIs established.

Every business is an entity in constant evolution, going first through a series of stages; therefore, the needs will not be the same during the inauguration of a brand or blog that after the launch of a product/service. It’s about setting priorities.

Hence, these can be:

  • Distinguishing what the ideal target audience is (or should be). Social media provide internal measurement tools where data such as age, sex, and interests are displayed for brands to review.
  • Determining the assimilation of an offer. The level of impressions, clicks or bounce rates are indicators of the need to renew aspects such as the domain, Web page design, post formats, and promotions.
  • Locating online communities with greater acceptance. It is possible to use web crawlers or “robots” to compile and index relevant texts, as well as geographic data (where the offer receives more attention), among others.
  • Finding influencers, allies and identify critics. These are important figures within the digital sphere because it has the particularity of being trendsetters. Identifying potential allies, partners and business rivals with opinion platforms and large following is essential

What are the overall benefits of news analysis?

Crisis management: Protecting the reputation of the brand by detecting threats in the process (backlash, viral posts, hate of influencers) and monitoring its development to measure the appropriate responses.

Scrutinizing the industry: Paying attention to how the current industry landscape is behaving to anticipate changes; minimize the risks; as well as understanding the different commercial and PR practices of the competition.

Getting publicity: Identifying opportunities, journalists, and media to implement a better promotional and public relations campaign and thus obtain press coverage.

In the world of entrepreneurship, there is nothing more valuable than positioning the name of brands and companies on a press note, articles or posts. Today, winning the attention of decision-makers is very influenced by the prestige and of online properties.

A good alternative for both startups is to turn to marketing professionals and small agencies who will be responsible for carrying out the monitoring responsibilities. For more information on how to use it to obtain media coverage, feel free to check out the rest of our publications.

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