Short Guide to Optimize Your News Monitoring Strategy

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The basic principles of Public Relations states that, above the commercial department (exchange of supply and demand), every venture develops within a social environment.

Therefore, from the exact moment in which you decide to launch that product or service, you are building a market reputation. Whether it is good (selling and making a profit) or not, it all depends on how you handle it.

What is the right way to manage your brand reputation?

Reputation is nothing more than the public’s stand towards a piece of information they received – with the digital media as the main scenario where such data is displayed.

And, even if your promotional strategy offers specific messages, other agents play a part in afterward sales and revenues. Therefore, the goal will be to identify and neutralize/use them in your favor. This scope includes aspects such as market, industry and current topics.

Knowing how to react to a potential crisis or expanding the information upon research carried out about your company are some of the skills you and your team need to acquire.

The action of analyzing and controlling all the aspects mentioned above is known as news monitoring.

How to perform a news monitoring strategy?

Your investment is at a constant stake. This practice will give your company the chance of recognizing which path is best to reach ideal customers, and continue to grow. 

To achieve better results in news monitoring, I always recommend working with professional programs in combination with a robust marketing strategy. 

Opting for a specialized company with the knowledge, infrastructure, experience of large-scale analysis and customer orientation is the way to go.

Don’t worry. While you find a marketing agency that fits your needs, there are other alternatives available for quick and accurate monitoring. Fortunately, the development of such tools is currently booming.

Having said that, here are the steps to implement an effective news monitoring strategy and the basic tools with which you can perform these tasks:

Step 1. Identify the reactions, themes, and terms used by the online community.

What are the narratives surrounding your brand in forums or blogs and social media?

As in everyday life, users take social platforms and communities, to talk and debate about everything, including (or especially), companies and brands. The internal tools of each network allow identifying things like impressions, frequency, mentions, messages being shared and the clicks obtained.

Of course, in addition to the common users (which should be the main focus of your attention), influencers have taken a lot of relevance on every level;  receiving their praise or hate comes with a price.

You can measure it by looking closely at their own reputation, the number of followers and engagement. These are all situations that merit an immediate and optimal response.

2. Follow relevant opinion spaces.

Where is the community that is most prone to receive your offer positively located? from which site visitors come to your website?

Additionally, if you have a good Web content plan and are present on different platforms, you can increase and measure traffic sources, visitors (new and regular) or the level of interactions; discarding less popular strategies and strengthening those with good performance.

Perfect and manageable news monitoring tool for this line are Google Alerts and Ahrefs. With them, you can follow keywords and receive reports in your email with information about their use.

3. Analyze and collect online press coverage

Do you have any idea how much free press your brand’s online profile is generating or could gain? 

It’s all about storytelling. The story attached to your image has a fundamental role in the trust that people place on products and services.

A lot of people follow these platforms – as well as the print media – almost religiously, so knowing that a portal like Forbes mentioned to you, should be a big deal.

I hope that from now on you start making business decisions that benefit your company or brand from a multilevel perspective.

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